So you’re interested in our trash service? Great! There are only a few things to consider. First, ensure we are currently operating close by, if not we may add an additional route if you can get a few neighbors to sign up. Second, what service meets your trash requirement? Small households may use as little as 4 yards per month while large businesses may require 32 yards or more. Not sure? Don’t worry, we can always change your service if your current container doesn’t suit you. In order to make the experience as easy as possible, we have a few different options for payment. First, we can send a quarterly bill through the mail. You can pay that bill with check or credit card(via PayPal) on our website. Secondly, we have a recurring transaction option (via PayPal) on our website (click here for page). You can enter your credit card information and the card will be billed monthly automatically.

3, 4, or 8 cubic commercial style front load metal dumpster to be permanently placed at a residence or business and dumped with a weekly, semi weekly, or monthly frequency.

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