Blowing trash?

We all know that the wind tends to blow in our area. Maverick Disposal attempts to contain all trash within our dumpsters and truck, but we cannot do it alone. If you can bag all small and light articles, blowing trash can be minimized. Also as long as the can us pointed downwind, the lids should stay shut. If you’d like to put a heavier object on the lids, please do so and we’ll remove it before dumping your trash. Finally, don’t overfill the can. The lids must be able to close fully.

Extra dumps?

Additional dumps may be available in your area. If you need an additional dump, just give us a call for a quote.

What can't I dump?

Extremely dense and heavy things like bricks, concrete, dirt, manure, and drywall will make the can too heavy for our truck to pick up.  If it looks too heavy, our driver will not attempt to lift due to possible damage to our truck. The dump will not accept oil, wet paint, tires, electronics or any hazardous materials. If you have any questions please contact our office.

Can I get on the route?

Maverick Disposal is currently looking for additional customers. If we are operating in your area, complete our sign up form / Quote form and we will give you a quote.

Do you offer roll off containers?

Maverick Disposal offers 30 yard roll offs.  Give us a call and we can give you a quote.

I have a locked gate, can you open with Key?

The driver must have access to the can on the pick up days in order to dump the cans. Locked gates increase the time required to do the route. We would prefer to have gates unlocked and open prior to our route, but we can unlock a gate if provided a key or a combination for an additional $5/month.

I'm in a contract with another company. What can I do to sign up?

if you are currently in a contract with another trash service company, you can get on a wait list for a container for the date your contract expires. We will take down your information and provide you with notice the month your contract is set to renew as well as the phone number to call to cancel your contract. Our container will be delivered before your other container is picked up so that you have no loss of service.

Do you have different size containers?

All of our new containers are either 4 yard or 8 yard bins. We can vary the pick up frequency to meet most customer demands and cost requirements.

Can I pay my bill now?

Yes. Go to our “Pay Online” page and you may pay with a credit card, either a one time payment or a recurring payment so that you don’t have to worry about paying your bill again.

My trash didn't get dumped. What's up?

There are a few possible reasons why your trash may not have been dumped. If the weather was poor, we may be waiting for a better day, or it’s a holiday. If the driver experienced a problem during the route, be sure we are working diligently to rectify the problem and your trash will be picked up as soon as possible. Finally, it possible that we are awaiting payment for your service.